How to clean a messy room series

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  • Video 2
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  • Video 5 

In this video we start with the items you need to clean a room without distraction and without overwhelm. These Items are super important, so please don’t think that you will get the results you want and still skip this step.CLICK HERE for  printable / PDF of the items and written instruction on the dejunking/cleaning process.

In part one and two we will be working on surfaces. This video is 11 minutes. The purpose of it is for you and I to work together, so you can have this video playing while you work on your surface in your room.

Move onto another surface and work with me. I chat with you about the process, and talk about what I do with each item.

One thing at a time, we move ahead together, you’ve got company all the way and we discuss things like invitations we get in the mail, things we are always looking for like keys, How to avoid always having to look for things, Specific things that we can do to avoid this kind of mess in the first place. My tip about something I call “Counting Misssissippis” a way for us to not get trapped thinking everything takes so long and so we don’t do what we have to do avoiding the big mess that putting things off brings with it.

In this video we tackle the infamous chair! You know that chair that you can’t recognize anymore because of all the cloths draped over it?We also pick up what is on the floor.

Nest video we get into the closet.

In this video we go into the closet. We will be putting away clothing that is in the room and also getting rid of clothes we no longer wear. As a bonus I happen to be sorting seasonal items as well, so if there is a need to purge the previous season for the current this will be super helpful!

Final Video: Closet Part 2 (shoes) – Sorting, Dispersing and vacuuming