Linen Closets & Linen Storage, Do we need them?

Do we really need linen closets?

I’m telling you… we don’t, and I will tell you why, because we don’t need extra linens anymore that have to be stored and I’ll tell you why.

There was a day when we had to beat our clothes on a rock at the river, so getting laundry done when needed wasn’t so easy.

People wore clothes over and over and they really stunk up the place (so I have read) But linens were a different matter.

There were bed bugs galore, because mattresses were made of straw, and babies didn’t have disposable diapers so the bedding had to be changed really really frequently.

Holy crow, if your child had an accident, they needed another set STAT!

So lots and lots of linens were the norm.

We don’t live in that world anymore. But we somehow think we do.

We have washing machines, and so when we need clean sheets we can just wash a set and put another on.

Here are the amount we need per bed. TWO!

Here is where I store my sheets and where I suggest you should…between the mattress and boxspring.

You can fold them and place them side by side (no bump) and the pillow cases too. Then they are ready to put on when the other load is in the wash.

This frees up a tremendous amount of real estate in your main living storage area for other non essentials you have picked up over the years that you’ve been cramming in places.

How great would it be to have that entire closet empty with those 6 shelves all happy waiting to be filled up with other stuff, OR what bout leaving it empty? OMG, imagine?

I used to keep games, office supplies (paper, tape, stapler, notebooks, posits, highlighters, extra pens, paperclips etc), wrapping paper, extra gifts I purchased to have on hand for things, greeting cards, and some odd sized platters and things I used for parties etc. It was FABULOUS!

What do you think you could do with your linen closet now that it’s not used for linens?

Much Love.
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The Tidy Tutor

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Charmaine Kobus - Reply

great idea – storing spare sheet under the mattress.

Gran - Reply

I agree and have done this. Kathy, how many towels do you suggest???? I don’t want to be spending all my time washing because I have so few.

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    Hi Gran! Thanks for the comment.

    I suggest 2 towels per person and those get stored in their room. A hook per person in their room or bathroom for their towel to go on after they bathe. And each person is responsible to wash their own towels with their laundry. Each person has a different color 2 red for Mom, 2 blue for dad and 2 yellow for daughter (for example) and then 4-6 towels for guests that can usually be kept under the bathroom sink or rolled up in a basket on the floor in the bathroom or on a shelf behind the toilet. (Those can match the bathroom, and 4 is enough unless you get frequent overnight guests)

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