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Motivation Monday – Spring Cleaning

With this method, your house will get the attention it needs on a regular basis, instead of a ridiculous burnout cleaning session once a year, that doesn’t happen anyway and only leaves us disappointed, and sometimes in more of a mess! What is it about spring that makes every woman in the world think that […]

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Motivation Monday: Your Haven!

This week we are thinking about our bedrooms. Our bedrooms are the places that are left till last. Maybe because no one sees it unless they are invited in there. It is the first place we dump stuff. It needs to be a haven. People’s health improves when their bedrooms are in order. Children’s behaviors […]

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Motivation Monday – Hot Spots

What are your Hot Spots? Maybe you always open your mail in there. Is there a table in your entrance area, that gets a bunch of stuff accumulated there? Maybe a lot of stuff gets piled in your back or front porch. Maybe your bathroom has a lot of bottles on your counter or sink […]

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