Motivation Monday: What Matters to You?

If you have so much stuff that no one can tell what you loved and what you didn’t… when the time comes and you pass away, your loved ones will not have the strength to try and figure it out and get through the clutter. They will have a dumpster delivered and just start cleaning house.

It will be hard enough for them to clean, they will just yell to the clean out people “THROW IT OUT!” Even if you have all your junk organized, it will still be overwhelming.

Your Aunt, uncle, sister, mother, father, brother, or friend may end up keeping something close to their hearts that you hated! You kept it just because it was good, but how would they know that?!

They couldn’t know what you loved because you Kept everything!

If you want to live an organized life, I’m telling you, that you must simplify your life. Are you keeping things because you love them and need and use them? Or are you keeping things because you feel like you should?

Keeping things you don’t love is real bondage. Life is not easy that way. We want easy, we want happy.

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