Motivation Monday – Hot Spots

What are your Hot Spots? Maybe you always open your mail in there.
Is there a table in your entrance area, that gets a bunch of stuff
accumulated there? Maybe a lot of stuff gets piled in your back or
front porch. Maybe your bathroom has a lot of bottles on your counter
or sink area. Maybe your dresser always is piled with things.

Walk around your house, look to see where there are areas like this.
Then determine what kind of a container could you get to make this
area look good.

I recommend for the area where you open your mail and do paperwork
to get a fairly decent size decorative storage box. At the end of your
“Office Session” throw all your stuff in there.

Do the same for your bathroom, dresser and entrance ways.

Maybe you will need a large wicker basket for shoes, hooks for coats
and backpacks, a basket for bathroom toiletries, a basket for the top
of your dresser…

Then, determine 2 days in the week when you will clear out and organize
those baskets and boxes. Maybe every Monday and Thursday. You determine
what works for you.

Now those areas will be manageable, the baskets will be kept up with,
and everyone will be happy 🙂

Much love,
Kathy Roberts
The Tidy Tutor

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