How to stay focused and productive when cleaning

Have you ever said this?

“Today, I’m going to clean up the house and THIS TIME, it’s going to stay that way!”

And then do you pull out more than you can put back, making more of a mess than when you started?

I’ve done that… lots of times!

Or do you ever do what I call, “A-lot-a-nuthin!” (I’ve done that too)

Jumping from here to there, from room to room, doing this and that, and after hours of working, there is nothing to show for it.

There is a reason for that.

Imagine getting into a car and taking off without a road map or GPS to guid you…you know the name of the place you intend to go,  and you know that the location is East, but that’s all you know, and somehow you think that’s enough.

Lots of fuel/energy used and lots of time spent but when all is said and done, after hours of travel your nowhere near your desired destination.

In the video above I give you the “road map” to achieve productive effort. I show you how to avoid the land of “A-Lot-A-Nothin” and if you follow this direction, you WILL NOT make more of a mess than when you began!

You will make progress, and be satisfied when the job is over.

Let me know what you think!

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Here is a little snippet from our chat box last month.

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