Write It Down Final Part

I know the crazy that happens between the ears of the OCP (organizationally Challenged Person) who remembers that TODAY is the dance recital!

or tomorrow is the day you have to bring 5,000 cookies to church and it’s 12:30 in the morning and you just got into bed.

Or worse!

That YESTERDAY was the dance recital!

Or the airplane with your girlfreind on it landed 2 hours ago and she’s been waiting and texting you for 2 hours.

Or even just the not so desperate things, like you being the one that your girlfriends are always waiting for on girls night to show up.

The last few days you and I went over the amazing strategy the OG’s in the world use to keep it all together, they Write everything down and they do it ALWAYS.

But that isn’t all that they do.

So many things I share make such a big difference in a BAM, like “Do it Now!” and “Say No!” and “Do The Dishes” but some things can’t be shared in a 2 minute video and that is why I have an entire course that touches on things, such as this: WRITE IT DOWN – Its not a 2 minute video, there are a few steps to it, as you have seen 🙂

So here is the final portion of “Writing It Down”

Writing it down is great, and writing it down where we can find what we’ve written is also great, but it’s not enough.

We create a routine to look at our planners. Pulling this all together makes you a master of your universe!

You create a day called a “Desk Day” I learned this trick from Pam Young and Peggy Jones “The Slob Sisters!” way back in 1989! I’ve been using this ever since and it never fails me.

A desk day is a day that you commit to look at your calendar and scan and plan your week.

So, let’s say you chose Tuesday to be your desk day.

Every Tuesday, you take some time, maybe just after dinner when you are winding down or in the morning when you are getting your day started.

Let’s say it is early morning with your coffee. You open your planner and you scan the week.

This keeps everything fresh in your mind and will prompt you to pick up what you will need for certain appointments or events you have written on particular days that week.

Maybe there is a child’s birthday party.

Then you think what day this week will be best to go and get the gift, and you think of that based on what you have going on all week.

If you know you have a grocery shopping day you could pick up a gift card, or if you will be passing Walmart, you will write: STOP AT WALMART FOR BIRTHDAY GIFT on the calendar day you will be passing it.

Another thing to do is a daily check of your planner.

The weekly scan helps you plan so that you are not like the ball at the end of a paddle, and the daily look makes sure you remember what is going on, and you prepare for it.

Here is an example of what happens when we don’t make this a part of our daily routine. You just went to Walmart and you look at your planner today after you got home and you see that you needed to bring 5,000 cookies for church on Sunday and you could have gotten them easily while you were at Walmart.

You will save trips to the store, you will almost always save money because most likely you will have to to stop at a specialty shop that is more convenient, but also more expensive, so you can have the gift on time for the party.

So when you look at your planner every day, you prepare for tomorrow, you remind yourself about what you have to do to make your week run smoothly and you do what you gotta to make that happen.

Keep a look-out for my next tip!

The Tidy Tutor