Write it down, Continued…

As promised, one tip a day till September 1st as an end of summer gift from me.

Yesterday I sent you a blog with no video, and I promised a video today with more details about the “WRITE IT ALL DOWN” strategy.

I can not do a video because I am “Healing”. Please read between the lines.

I couldn’t even proofread it. I sent it out to my people (thank you Rose!) to see if anyone would volunteer to proofread it for me.

So please forget typos, even though I did have help, I still have to make the corrections and I keep seeing ones I didn’t make.

I thought I could at least read it myself, but I just can’t. So I called my daughter to come over and read it for me. So… Explanation is done! Here is the blog.

First let me recap – But it would be much better if you could read yesterdays blog. Here is the Link.



  • Get a planner and carry it with you.

  • Write everything down that you agreed to do.  For example: Take someone to the airport, meet someone for lunch, Pick up your grandchild from the after school program.

  • When you make an appointment, write it down immediately.

  • Write down all the appointments you have that are ongoing.

    • Your child’s dance class

    • Your Yoga class

    • The entire school calendar

  • If an invitation comes in the mail

  • When you are online, be sure to write down everything you agree to, or want to do that you’ve been invited to via email or Facebook, for example.

OK – So that is yesterday’s blog in a nutshell (You really should read it).

Now today I want to discuss the hard copy planner verses smart phone or digital calendar.

I’m telling you to do both.

There are so many reasons for it and that is what I will point out on todays blog.

Why you need a paper planner:

  • Cell phones aren’t always appropriate to take out. For example: At school, church, a wedding or a funeral.

  • Cell phones can be unpredictable. (They can die, or just not go to the pages you want to)

  • It takes longer to go to your calendar on the phone. You need to open up the calendar, go to the date, type in the appointment, set the date, and set a reminder. When you are on a line at the doctors office, tapping out your appointment can be grueling.

  • Internet services is not always available.

  • It is so easy to touch a wrong day. You will catch it when you write in your planner, or on the week you will be preparing for tomorrow. (We will get into that on another date)

Why you need a digital planner:

  • You always have your phone on you.

  • You can go to the directions easily.

  • It can sound an alarm the day before and the day of to remind you about it.

  • All of your contacts are on the phone, and all the answers you need are at your fingertips.

  • You have a backup.

  • You can have it hooked up to your google calendar or iCal and no matter where you are, you have what you need.

These are just a few of the reasons for needing both,  I can tell you, I was SAVED many a day because after I wrote it in my paper calendar I copied it onto my phone.

Now how do you make sure you actually LOOK at your appointment calendar to manage your life? That is a topic for another day!

I didn’t realize that sending these blogs would actually show that TTU is necessary. The short free clips you get from me on youtube is only the tip of the iceberg!

Look for tomorrows blog for more details on how to manage all of your appointments.

Talk soon,

The Tidy Tutor