Week 4 What Do We Want Wednesday

This is our 4th week, and I have to tell you, I don’t even remember what it is we are doing with this. I had to re-read it just now… and I a the one who wrote it!

It started out because I had an idea to do a weekly Email, called: What do you Want Wednesday! Just for us insiders.

Because it’s important to remember, what it is we want to actually make – what we want actually happen.

Seems stupid, really, but it has to be the number one reason that people don’t stick to their goals, they forget about them, hence the success rate of people who write them down and look at them every day.

I had it targeted to getting started with TTU, but of course it is for everything we want to make happen in our lives.

Because as time goes by we forget all about the pain that brought us to the place where enough was finally enough, and then something else creeps in and takes over our thoughts because as we work toward a goal things get better and the pain lessens, and we regress.

That really sucks and I have a feeling that not one successful person gives in to drifting thougths drawing them from their targeted desires.

So, here, below is verbatum what I have been writing for 4 weeks now!

That (all of the above) leaves us never getting anything we want because we don’t stay the course long enough with any one thing to make what we want to happen actually happen.

We get very committed to things we want at the onset because the emotion is strong.

But emotions are funny things, they are usually influenced by outside sources. How do we keep it going when the influence doesn’t exist anymore?

We have to create a trigger to help us remember on purpose to keep those emotions alive!

(Have you been doing that? I haven’t)

We need to keep that feeling going, or it will just fade, and the desire also will fade along with it.

(While I stay committed to moving forward with my goals, I have to tell you that I kow I would feel less weary if I actually kept that emotion alive that got me started in the first place)

We will not take any action when we lose desire, and that is why, so often, we don’t get what we want.

So I am going to send that same note that I’ve written above every Wednesday, (here is number 4 with some additions and reflection) to remind you to remember what you want.

Be sure to write down what you want, if the emotion has gone, bring it back again.

(Do that. Have you done that? Some of you have in the comment box,  those of you that have, have you remembered it? looked at it? Is it written down on paper? I haven’t done it. I’m going to)

Today Remember what it is you wanted and why, and write it down again. – Look at it every day, OK?

Comment right here on this blog every Wednesday. This is for you, no need to respond to everyone who wrote. We don’t need this to be work. Read others for inspiration but don’t feel you need to write a comment on everyone’s post.

We will just be letting each other know that we are still on track and we can post what it is every week that we are “Remembering.”

I’m not going to wirte anythign additional this week. I think staying focused is enough for this week.

Look over the last three week additions. It’s good stuff and will help you.

More next week,


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Baheejah - Reply

I want to get my kitchen to a place where I feel very comfortable in it, feel free to treat it as a training ground for my children with pleasure, the heat of the home that is well maintained. I want to build my website on wellness, write my book on parenting, and do what really makes me inspired.

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    Do you have it written on a 3×5 card or paper where you can read it every day?

Loren Davis - Reply

Thank you, Kathy, This inspired me.

kchev - Reply

A good life. Removing anything unhealthy that hinders that.

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    That is a great thing to do. Do you have a plan in place to make that happen?

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    I am with you Karen! 🙂

mighty1 - Reply

Over the past year, I think that I have done a pretty good job of dwindling down my kitchen to what I need. I still need to declutter a few more items, but organizationally, I am happy with my kitchen. I started with the kitchen utensils. I took a long hard look at the ones I used consistently. The ones I did not, I put in a large ziploc bag which I kept in one of the under-the-counter cabinets. After a month, if I didn’t use any of the utensils in that bag, I figured I didn’t need them. I started pulling out the bag when visitors came over and asked them if they needed any of the items. I did this until the bag was empty.

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