Allowing Ourselves To Be Vulnerable

It was 3 years after my divorce & I just moved back into my house, I had rented it out and moved into a small apartment with my then 16 year old daughter. The renters had somewhat trashed my home and I was faced with a lot of work to do.

At the same time my life was crazy. Besides the cleaning, fixing and unpacking, I was teaching my course live in adult schools, writing my book, and working 3 jobs. I was enrolled in classes learning how to make my course digital & how to create a website, all with a daughter in high school and a dog, and being solely responsible for all the bills and mortgage.

You could imagine my overwhelm.

The video I share was done directly from my heart and I was sitting on my front lawn that was a humiliation to my neighborhood.

I allow myself to be seen in such vulnerable conditions because I am not ashamed of being who I am, and I feel like me showing my vulnerable side might help you to not be ashamed either and to allow yourself to be vulnerable.

I want to put an end to the stigma that is attached to being a mess, how can anyone get help if we are afraid to let anyone know we need it?

So many of us think we are the only ones and that there is no hope to get it together and that we are doomed to live in a wreck while pretending to be just like everyone else.

In this video I talk about the shape of my house at the time and how I felt…

…like I had no right to be called The Tidy Tutor.

I talk about a conversation I had with my OG (Organizationally Gifted) friend who struggled with weight and the revelation we had in the similarities of our struggles.

I share my heart, show you the condition of my lawn and I encourage you to realize that you are wonderful just like you are, even if you never pick up a sock or wash a dish.

I talk about a beautiful pumpkin flower growing in the weeds and how nothing takes away from it’s beauty… Ok, enough of that… click on “play” and watch the video.

Allow yourself to be who you are and you can love even the messy part of you,  share this blog with someone you know who battles with being organized.

I am so happy that you and I have connected. I consider it an honor that the Universe/God/Life has brought us together.

Much Love to you!

The Tidy Tutor