Reinventing Yourself After 50

As I am writing this I will be on my way to Thailand. I was so afraid last year when I went to Vietnam.

I got my Passport for the first time and I opened up the envelope that just arrived in the mail on video to share with you.

Before this travel I have never been anywhere. I lived a life that was really sheltered and very much reclusive.

In all the years I was married I never had a vacation and could count on my right hand how many times I had even been to a diner.

After my divorce I was really afraid. I didn’t know who I was or what I was going to do.

I have challenged so much of conventional beliefs since my divorce in 2007. I sold my family home, got rid of most of my possessions and moved into a small apartment an hour away from my family.


I had never in my life been alone before.

I quit my jobs and relied on Tidy Tutor to be my full time work.

I traveled across the world with people I never met and had the time of my life even though I was challenged so much of the time with fears of the unknown and limiting beliefs of what the people I was traveling with would think of me, and even fear of how to navigate myself in this different culture.

I recently moved out of my 1 bedroom apartment into my sisters house (September 2016). The only possessions I have now are the contents of my bedroom and some storage in very small crawl space (about 6 apple boxes) consisting of some kitchen things, photo albums, family home movies (VHS), 1 box of summer clothing,  and a box of fabric.

Here are a few things I could have blogged about…

  • Living minimally and the challenges I am faced with regarding it
  • How my things had such a hold on me
  • My trip to Vietnam and what it taught me
  • Why I decided to move into 1 bedroom and get rid of all my belongings
  • The freedom I found by letting go of things and my current identity
  • How afraid I have been in the process.
  • What it was like living alone and in a place I’ve always wanted to (the shore)I’ve done a couple blogs but I stopped.I recently watched a Ted Talk on the subject of not feeling like we are enough- turns out so many people think they are not enough, it’s not uncommon.

    I have not shared very much at all and watching that Ted Talk really helped me see why.

    Do you ever do this? Tell yourself that you are not enough? It really stops us from reaching our potential and helping others with our experience, strength and hope…

    On this page I have shared a video I did while in vietnam and I did a little narration just today to explain it a little.

    I will continue to blog about the victories and fears associated with getting older and the changes life brings to me.

    I will share more of my trip to Vietnam as well as the trip I am taking to Thailand, and share what so many of you asked me to share…

    “How to start over after turning 50 with all the possessions we have and begin again.”

    Thanks for being in my world. I look forward to hearing what you have to say about all of this and to hear about your journey too.


    The Tidy Tutor