I am in Vietnam and wanted to tell you something

I was at the Hong Kong Airport earlier today waiting to take the connecting flight when I realized that I didn’t tell you about the live videos I am posting on social media while on my trip.

I have done some already and will continue to on the 9 day travel.

CLICK THIS LINK > https://www.facebook.com/thetidytutor/ > Like the page and you will be notified when I do a live video.

I am going to share everything every step of the way. It will be so much fun and it will also be helpful in the area of living an organized and more fulfilled life as a result.

I will be doing Youtube Live videos too and Snap Chat (which is my FAVORITE way to share live)

CLICK HERE to subscribe to my Youtube Channel if you haven’t yet.

I’m not sure how to get you to my snap chat channel. It can only be worked on the phone. So install Snap Chat and search for Thetidytutor 🙂

OK, going to board soon!

I look forward to your response!

Note: Time difference is 12 hours. So if it is 7pm here it is 7am there.


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