A Luncheon with Pam Young and Kathy Roberts

I am in Vietnam and there has been a Typhoon. DON’T ASK! It has been a real adventure, lots of fun, but serious drama 🙂

I have needed to get a message out to you about a luncheon Pam Young and I have scheduled for this month. But with all the chaos, and wi-fi interuptions it was not possible to even get a message to my assistant to help me send it to you.

Today I have checked into the dry, lovely, safe hotel and finally have internet that works, so what I have decided to do was send you the link to Pam’s message.

You can find out all about how the decision was made to have the luncheon and how it came to be (she did an amazing job at telling our story!)

Please expect an email from me later on as well, as I did a video in the midst of the storm!

CLICK HERE To read the message Pam wrote.

PLEASE NOTE! The date on the image in Pam’s blog is incorrect it says November 28, 2018… it is November 28th 2017!

That was my mistake I provided the image for Pam and she didn’t notice it until it was too late.

If you would like to just register for the luncheon first… CLICK HERE to go directly to registration page. The cost of the event is $99.00 (you may bring a friend for free, please see terms)

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