how to clean a messy room or bedroom or spare room step by step

This weeks video! We work on the floor
Last Week’s video work-out in the room – SURFACES 🙂

We are working in a room together that is messy.

Most likely it is a room that is hidden behind closed doors, like a bedroom, a spare room or a guest room.

Whatever it is, it’s a room that has been neglected, and you have the luxury to work on it a little at a time.

We are doing it together, step by step in a series of videos.

The room I am working on is a family members who is moving out and needs help getting it done.

The first task we tackled was the surfaces, the second leg of the stretch we did all the laundry in the room, including the bedding.

So, if you had a king or queen size comforter you made sure that you took it to the Laundromat to wash in their oversized washers, or you used their drop off service.

That is what I did, and today I picked it up.

This week we work on our floor.

I already did my floor. I worked on it from the back, right facing corner to the front, and so on around the room.

We do it the same way that we did the surfaces.

In the video you see the before pictures of the room and the after pictures of the floor.

We work on cleaning up the floor area, the same way we did the surfaces.

Anything that belongs out of the room, we put it in a pile to disperse after the floor is all cleared and cleaned up.

Then we take any garbage on the floor and throw it out.

We take anything that we find on the floor that belongs in the room and we put it away, in the room.

Anything that is storage that we find, like a bathing suit and it is February, or a woolen scarf and it is June, we put those things in an area where we keep our storage.

We will work on the storage area another time.

In the after shot, it is evident that my floor is not in good shape.

It may be that you need to do just as I have too. Maybe you need to put a rug down, maybe you need to refinish it.

I’m not sure what I am going to do, but I know it is going to start with clean.

We need to sweep or vacuum the floor, and if you sweep it, it will need to be washed.

The next step, is working on setting up the room.

I was going to go into the closet, but I need some sense of gratification.

Working on what we can see, and not what is closed behind a door keeps us encouraged and will ensure that we won’t quit.

This room is going to be my bedroom, FYI 🙂

Right now, together, we are going to work on what is hanging on the walls.

If this is a room you are setting up, you may have to think about what pictures you are going to hang, maybe you might have to paint, or perhaps all you have to do is the cobwebs and just dust the pictures that are already there.

We are working on the walls and the windows next.

So look forward to our next time together working on this room, where I show how I got the walls and the windows ship shape.

Curtains will be hung and cobwebs will be brushed away.

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They will all be connected 🙂

Whelp, that’s it. Thanks for reading and watching, please share with me your before and after shots! It will encourage others and be so fun to get!

Kathy Roberts
The Tidy Tutor

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