Cleaning a messy room step by step

OK, ya ready? This is a room in my house. It is not my room, and it was not always
this messy (in the room owners defense).

It is a family member who has been slowly moving out, this family member is a hard working
amazingly productive person who is Organizationally challenged just like like me.

We all know how easy it is to let things go and to put things off when we don’t have
a time constraint or a deadline to follow.

So, I saw this as an opportunity to help her, help me because I am moving into this room, and
help you!

I could video tape the process, get the room cleaned up (because I am moving in there;
it will be my bedroom) and help people at the same time by making a video!

Bada-Bing-Bada-Boom! It is a win-win!

So, it will be a video series.

It started with a Throw it Out Thursday and it is continuing this week as a Motivation Monday.

This works great for my OC (Organizationally Challenged) personality. You know I don’t WANT to
clean this up, BUT I do want it cleaned up.

So! Doing this, is PERFECT!

I work on this room 2 times a week, because anyone can do something twice a week if it is
scheduled to be done!

If you have a room that is a real wreck, if you have a spare room or a guest room that a
guest could never “guest” in, and you have been LONGING to get it cleaned up and ready
for your proverbial mother-in-law to stay in, this is the video to freaking watch! 🙂
Much Love,

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Nenita Sy - Reply

Thank you for taking me on this organizational journey with you. I am a relentless slacker & you’ve just given me boost of inspiration to start tackling my source of daily stress. I’m hyped up to start w/ my bedroom tonight… just 30 minutes a day, rigt? I think I can do that 🙂 Wish me luck!

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