Just For The Hell Of It – Sing The Underdog Theme Song!

Just for the hell of it… I am singing the Underdog Theme song and I want you to sing it too.
Send it to me in a video. Hopefully I will get a bunch and I can splice it all together and we
will have one really fun video to watch. All of us cyber friends singing the Underdog Theme
song together : )

When in this world the headlines read
That men are mean and filled with greed
A superhero’s what you need
And here he comes with blinding speed
Speed of light, night ball of thunder
Righting all who wrong or plunder
UNDERDOG, oo oo oo oo oo
Underdog! Underdog!

Much Love!

The tidy Tutor

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Joe Covello - Reply

You crazy Woman!

    Roy Wright - Reply

    joe she is a natural force of energy …. steps infront of the camera and just does it … no fear ….. direct ….. mistakes were made during filming but they were silly things.

Scott Morris - Reply

you are the most insane wonderful woman and the reason nobody else is the tidy tutor is because nobody else would do this kind of shit.

    Kim Gonzales - Reply

    I couldn’t have said it better myself @[1303331384:2048:Scott]!

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