The Pack Rat, The Women, and The Wardrobe Series! – Simplifying Life By Creating A Uniform

The Pack Rat, The Woman and The Wardrobe – Series 1 – How Much Clothes Do We Need?

This is going to be fun!

This is the first post of a video series I am doing to determine how much we really need in the category of clothing.

I am going to offer insight so that you will be able to address guilt free  your crowded closets and overstuffed drawers so many of you have been writing me about.

I am convinced that no matter what the footage is that you are working with or how many people are sharing that space, there can be enough room for everything and everyone.

If you have way too much stuff and lots of clothes then it may be a bit painful to make happen, but like they say, “If there is no pain, then there is no gain.”

When I have to make a tough decision about what I think I want,  here is what I do, I put ME on one side of a scale and my desire on the other, and I ask myself – “What weights more, ME or Desire?”

I’m telling you, we always have to choose US.

If it comes to our stuff or us, it always has to be US!

The good part is, there is no decision that you have to make, just tune in and be nosey 🙂

During our journey into “The Packrat the Women and The Wardrobe” we will go into several people’s closets and examine their wardrobes, we will look at their journeys of purchasing, dejunking, dressing and storing… including mine.

In this video we are chilling out in my daughter Katie’s closet.

She has decided that she wants to get rid of almost all of her clothes and create a wardrobe that mimics a uniform.

Using a theme of the same types of clothing that feels good to her…

When Katie is finished she intends to  just  grab any pair of pants, any top any pair of shoes and any pair of socks without matching to allow an easy grab and go lifestyle.

She has decided to go with graphic Tees, Jeans, a flannel, funky socks and sneakers.

Katie told me that for the summer all she will have to do is trade out the jeans for shorts.

In this video we go into her closet as she does 5 minutes of dejunking, we talk about her more dressy clothing and her plans for the future.

I would love to hear your thoughts about it, including your reaction on the ‘imperfect’ organizational look of her closet.

At The Tidy Tutor we are not about perfect, we are only about happy. What works for you? That is all that matters.


The Tidy Tutor

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