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Gay Norton Edelman - Reply

Ha! I just threw a load in the dw and set it to run the fast cycle so the sink and counters would be clear when I comes time to start cooking dinner. Love the idea of assuming that if a dish gets dirty, it will have to get clean! Now, any suggestions for how to get the rest of the family to pitch in and create new habits themselves?

Alisha Hurd Starr - Reply

Hi, Kathy! Thanks for the fun videos! My sink has been empty and clean now for several months and it DOES make SUCH a difference! Can’t wait to get another tip tomorrow!

Amina Yusuf - Reply

Wonderful, I loved the video. You have a beautiful family. Thank you so much.

Bonita Tucker Clark - Reply

Kathy Thank You SO MUCH! I Watch Your Video’s Daily. Your A Cheerleader For People Like Me. I’m Getting IT Together One Day At A Time.. I Find The 15-15-15 VERY HELPFUL! THX SO MUCH!

Kathleen Ottmer - Reply

I love your site, I am learning so much! Who would have thought, but after finding myself, widowed and alone, with what I thought was no reason to be organized and clean up, I finally got it in gear! My first accomplishment is, I don’t go to bed with any dishes in the sink, I clean them up as I go. Thank you, tidy tutor! Kathy O

Nance Baird - Reply

OMG, I’m so glad I found your site! I was honestly totally embarrassed to Google “how to clean my house” but I’m so glad I did as it brought me to your video! Your energy is absolutely inspiring and I look forward to working with your tips! Thanks so much!! xo

Helen Anagnostopoulou - Reply

Finally somebody that gets me. I used to think everybody else had a secret that they wouldn’t let me in on. Thank you for making me see what was right in front of my nose.

Stephanie Harrison - Reply

kathy your so great!

Marian Warren - Reply

Thank you Kathy! I read Sidetracked Home Executives back when you did. I still have the book but not the habits. Also Steven Covey etc. My daughter used to tell me “Mom you don’t need a book to clean the house you need a mop, broom etc! I have recently moved and have been you tubing you every night. Your tips are working for me!!! Thank you sooo much! You really do get me to a tee. Groom first, key always same place, clothes in hamper or hang– revolutionary!! When you said it talked about how it takes one of us to help one of us – OMG you are so right.

Rachel Perez - Reply

Thank you for sharing your triumph over dis-organization. It gives me some hope and your ideas are very good.

Dancealoha Ohana - Reply

Thank you Cathy. You have been incredibly helpful. God Bless

Victoria Minaudo - Reply

Thanks Kathy. I like how you branded this disorder as Organizationally challenged and gave tips to conquer the task of getting rid of those dishes that clutter our counters and lives. I can’t wait to hear and learn more on my journey to de-clutter and get some order in my organizationally challenged life.

Mike Smith - Reply

my name is laura, and for the past three days I have been playing your videos in the background as I cook and clean. I can honestly say you have motivated me to prioritize and understand that life happens but with just 15-30 minutes in each room can make a huge difference. I am a fan for life when my finances allow me, I would love to become a member, I can not wait!

Pam Crocker Thigpen - Reply

Sidetrack sisters are awesome. Readtheir books years ago myself. Did the 3×5 card thing. Worked for a long time.Then I fell off the wagon. Hoping you an help.

nyepaula - Reply

How did you know!!

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    Hahahahaha! LOL It’s cause I am just who you are 🙂

chloe5susan - Reply

is there a way to read others comments? Somehow I can’t see them or Click on them. I always learn from other too.

    The Tidy Tutor - Reply

    Yes! For some reason I have to approve them first. I will find out how to have them just post as soon as someone posts it.

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