TIOT – Living in 240 Square feet

I read an article that inspired this TIOT.

(Link to the article)

It was titled: How a couple Lives in a 240-square-foot apartment https://inhabitat.com/nyc/brooklyn-couple-lives-comfortably-in-this-tiny-240-square-foot-nyc-apartment/ by Lori Zimmer

Don’t you always get inspired when you visit other
people’s homes?

People who live simply, without clutter and a lot of stuff.

I remember I couldn’t wait to get home and start cleaning up my
place after visiting someone who lived clutter free.

Does that ever happen to you?

I can’t tell you how many times, while trying to clean up the place,
that I pulled out more than I could put back.

Sometimes I would feel so overwhelmed when I got home,
because I didn’t know where to start that I simply just wouldn’t.

I would send myself to bed with a pint of Hagendaz and a spoon.

Here in this video I share with you a couple of pics from that article
to inspire you to get rid of the clutter and I give you a happy start to
getting some things done with a lovely little method of doing it.

Here is what you do: When you are going to watch one of your favorite
TV shows, sit up against the couch on the floor, put down a layer of
newspaper and dump out a junk drawer onto it.

Have a garbage and 2 shoeboxes with you.

Now do this: Throw out garbage, put things that belong
somewhere else in the house in one shoebox, and in the other
shoebox put things that you can give away.

If you have contact paper, or some kind of drawer liner, cut it
out and put it in the drawer before you put stuff back into it.

If not just wipe it out and put the drawer back where it belongs.

So many things can be done while we are doing other things.

Watching TV is a great time to do something productive with
our hands 🙂

With support and direction we can get our place clutter free,
and live the way we want. : )

I’m happy to be that support for you, and I’m happy that I can
help with direction 🙂

Please send me before and after pics of your junk drawer!

And Email me with any questions or comments, and please
share this with a friend.

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Kathy Roberts
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