TIOT – Purging for our Health

Today for Throw it out Thursday I show you some startling pictures of me to prove a point. It is all about eating healthy, but sometimes even with a healthy lifestyle we still
can be caught off guard.

The pictures I show you in the video are REALLY STARTLING! You wouldn’t know it was me! The change happened in my face due to a food allergy.

Now I have a healthy diet, my father was the original health nut. I KNOW how to eat a healthy diet!

I know you have heard the saying: “You are What You Eat” But what if you are eating healthy foods, but still, something is not right!? You might ask WHY EAT HEALTHY?!

And what does this have to do with living cluttered and getting organized.

We all know that being OC is difficult on us emotionally, and when we feel bad, OMG it
is just another excuse to NOT do something. Also this is TIOT and we are getting rid of foods that are not healthy like things that pertain aspartame (AKA artificial sweetner)

There may be things in your fridge and cabinets that are causing
you some distress, even if you don’t know it and it may be because you don’t know “what are food allergies.”

I am not a doctor and I am not giving advise, I am just sharing information, so in my own little language, a food allergy is where your body recognizes something that is normally good as bad and your body has a reaction to it. Sometimes it is a rash, sometimes you can’t breath, sometimes you get sick… and in my case, my eyes go all wrinkly.

Many times it is because we eat foods too often, like wheat for example. There is so much GLUTEN FREE products today because we have overdone the wheat consumption and our bodies just don’t get it.

The pictures of myself in the attached video unequivocally show
how food CAN have a severe effect on you and even if you know HOW to eat healthy, you can still be faced with issues.

If you won’t embrace the possibility, that you could be chasing a “cure” for years and never find any answers or experience any relief or any change, you will never find relief.

You know how I am always saying “Do what makes you happy.” ??

Sometimes things are making us unhappy, but we don’t even know it. It could even be your food.

I talk about artificial sweeteners in this video, and encourage you to google side effects attached to them that many/most people experience because of their consumption.

You may be thinking you are eating healthy, but actually are not. Knowledge is power!

So for this TIOT, I ask you to, may be think about what foods you could
throw out, what foods may not be the best for you in particular, and perhaps
re-think what really is eating healthy FOR YOU!

Please email me with any questions or comments.
Email: Kathy@TheTidyTutor.com

Much Love to You!
The Tidy Tutor

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