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We have already agreed that getting it together is not about the mess… It’s about living the life we know that we could have and should have… the life we dream of living.

If we can approach our “disorder” with this motivation… not just to get the house cleaned up so that we can have friends over, and find our keys and shoes… but so that we can finally get unstuck, I believe we will get serious about this work.

In today’s video I talk about getting rid of stuff, but not just the obvious things, like trash, paperwork from the 1900’s, makeup that we’ve had for eons and clothes that are now considered “vintage”… but the things that we love and can’t use anymore or the things that are “Too Good” to get rid of but we may not necessarily like anymore.

Those things can be the hardest things to part with and can remain in our lives for YEARS!

I did this video because I was in that space.

I brought a piece of antique furniture for my bathroom.

I wanted to make it into a vanity. I thought it would be so cool! The house was built in 1920 and it would be the perfect fit.

But it wasn’t the perfect fit… I didn’t take into consideration the door frame, and it was about 2 inches too big.

But since I loved it so much, I figured it could be used somewhere else in the house.

But it actually didn’t fit anywhere else in the house… I had a hard time letting it go.

Katie, my daughter, who was living with me at the time, had this to say: “It was purchased for a need, but it didn’t suit the need, so the new need is to get it out of our living room.” LOL

Why don’t you walk around the house and see if you have anything that “Doesn’t fit” or that you’re holding onto just because “it’s good”.

When we hold onto things, we’re not leaving the room for what we truly want to come into our lives. How can we receive when our fists are clenched?

I hope you’ll watch the video and leave a comment. Let me know what you think.

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