Motivation Monday – Clothes & our next steps

I recently wrote an email to you. I wanted to know WHY you wanted to get organized and the house cleaned up.

In that same email I also let you know that I was transitioning from The Tidy Tutor to a website called Wonderful Happy You.

I will still be The Tidy Tutor but with a twist… as more and more of my peeps get it together at home they’ve all come to the realization that it’s not about tidy, it’s about fulfillment.

It’s not just about being able to have people over to visit without being embarrassed, it’s about having people over so you can live the life that you WANT to live!

If you haven’t read that email, and you’d like to, you can click HERE.

I got so many responses to the email I sent!  Thank you so much if you are among those who wrote me back.

Since then I’ve been kinda overwhelmed with all the doing of that endeavor and today I realized that I just have to break it down, the way we break down our household to-dos, so I’m starting today, even though it’s on The Tidy Tutor’s site and Wonderful Happy You isn’t ready yet.

So here goes. The success we want, it all starts at home and we are starting with our bedrooms.

We can no longer take this journey passively. Time waits for no one, today is the tomorrow you spoke about yesterday.

We’ve got to realize that until we do get serious about DOING what we need to do at home, and stop making excuses and fretting about every piece of paper and broken tea cup that was our great grandmother’s, nothing will change in our lives.

Everything that we want in life hinges on getting the house cleaned up.

Let’s get fired up to DO IT!

If you are trying all kinds of stuff to clear energy, finding your money blocks, meditating to receive peace and answers… I gotta tell you, a messy home and disorganized life can’t be ignored. Everything you’re trying will be sabotaged by ignoring the disorder that is all around you.

There is no “Tomorrow,” there is only today, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Monday or Wednesday or Saturday, if it’s the morning, afternoon or evening… when we start is NOW.

So, we will begin in our bedrooms.

In this video I talk about clothing that we have all over the place making your bedroom look like a hamper blew up.

They are draped all over your stuff… exercise equipment, a chair that you can’t sit on, in laundry baskets… Everywhere you look in your room are clothes. Clothes and more clothes!

In the video I help you with this issue. Let’s get started!!!

A few reasons that we have so many pieces of clothing all over the room is:

  • We think we’re going to wear a particular thing we took off again, but since we wore it already we feel like we can’t put it in the drawer or closet.
  • We believe that there is no time to put it away or in the hamper, and we decide to do it later.
  • We have too many clothes and no room to put them away.

What to do from now on.

  • If you take it off and you think you’ll wear it again, hang it up or put it in the drawer.
  • If you say to yourself you can’t because it’s dirty then you put it in the hamper, or bag for dry-cleaning.
  • Employ a new habit called “Do it now!” and when you take off any garment, before it leaves your hand it goes where it goes!
  • Take time every day, even just 15 minutes, to go through your clothing so that you only have what you love, need and will wear.

Be sure to watch the video for the details.

Remember that this is a first step toward not only getting your life together and home organized, but beginning on the road to fulfillment.

So much of your life is held back because of the excess and disorder. It’s not only because of the confusion it causes but there are other ways it affects us and what we want in our lives.  (More on that in upcoming blogs…)

Let me know what you are thinking!

Take before and after pics!! Be proud of your progress, and don’t care about what you still have to do, just think about what you have done and what you are doing.

Love, Love and LOVE,





The Tidy Tutor

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