Storing Sheets, Gaining Closet Space & Saving Time

I’m pretty sure this storage system for sheets that I’m going to share with you is a “Kathy Roberts original” 🙂

I mentioned it to Pam Young when we were together in December and I thought for sure she knew about it. Her reaction made me feel so proud.

Before I go on with it I’ve got to mention that it’s important to realize that we don’t need as many sets of sheets as we think we do.

Most of us have seen the clothes lines in movies with rows and rows of sheets hanging on them and it made this kind of subconscious expectation that we need lots and lots of linens.

But the truth is, that was back in a time when there was no electricity, and mattresses were stuffed with straw and un-sanitized bird feathers.

There were no “pampers” no plastic protection from bed-wetting and no washing machines to quickly take care of getting the sheets clean and ready for a bed change.

Today, we have washing machines. We only need 2 sets of sheets per bed. And my secret storage are for them is between the mattress and the box spring (I’ve heard that in other countries they don’t have box springs, just slats for a mattress to sit on). I have a solution for that.

In this video I demonstrate exactly how I keep my sheets between the mattress and box spring and I show you how unnoticeable it is.

If you have a linen closet you can free it up. I used to use mine for board games, my sewing and knitting, office supplies (extra notebooks, printer paper, stapler, 3 ring hole punch etc.) my file box I used for important papers and other things I like to have easily at hand.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this idea. So many of my peeps have tried it and love it! Let me know if you give it a whirl!




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Vonnie Dasher - Reply

Hahaha, talk to your phone ! This means, with all of the baby beds, my bed, the imaginary life beds, AND the motor home, I can have 28 sets of sheets !!! Woo Hoo ! I can go buy more ! Hahaha, NOT!

Jen - Reply

I love it Kath!! Genius!

My bed has slats. I already store large flat pack cardboard boxes there, those ones too big to store anywhere else, e.g. a fridge box. We’ve moved enough times that we tend to keep the box for packing up the fridge. Love the idea of storing sheets there, they’ll sit on the boxes just fine.

Regarding getting rid of extra sheets, if you have really cute or funky sheets sets/doona covers, they can make up into cute little girls dresses.


Martha - Reply

My house is pretty cool in the winter months, so I have two sets of lightweight flannel sheets. For warmer times of the year I have two sets of regular weight sheets. I can’t even turn the mattress by myself, so I can’t even imagine trying to get a set of sheets between it and the box springs. Your idea would probably have worked for me when I was younger but I couldn’t do it now.

Juliet - Reply

I’m a terror for wanting different bedding. One day I want my room all cosy so I use fleece throws in rich warm colours. The next, I want fresh, spring, flowery cottons. Another, day I want bright colours and use the old children’s duvets covers. So I have lots of bedding.

A few thoughts on the difficulties with the plan to store them under the mattress for me: when the old sheets come off the bed, I immediately need the fresh ones to put on, therefore, once I have laundered the old ones I would have to hoist up the now made bed/mattress to insert the cleaned sheets underneath for next time. ( With no tumble dryer it can take a while to process and dry washing so I couldn’t do it in the same day). Everything would get messed up. Also, it is extremely difficult with heavy mattresses. But I do like the idea.

On an alternative, creative and ergonomic light note (from one who has clearly not yet mastered the TT course) I often use the duvet covers to cover the piles of junk I hope one day soon to sort out (lol). They offer a salve to my eyes.

Margaret Flynn - Reply

This is a great idea. I have only two sets per bed, however, I have two sets of cotton and two sets of flannel. Therefore, I have four sets of sheets. Maybe storing the off season ones like we store our off season clothes would be the answer. Thanks Kathy

Beverly Provost - Reply

I just love the way you explain everything, and most of all I think your the best I have learned so much from you thank you, Beverly

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