Do you want to love your life?

It might sound way too simplistic but honestly, if you are in a mess and you want to see some real change in your life, in any area of your life…

…it begins with getting the house together. 

Let me help you!

I am doing this insane thing this month. Without raising the price a cent, without adding an enrollment fee and still offering Tidy Tutor University at NO extra cost I am giving a 9 week group coaching class as a bonus to you. (Everyone who is a current monthly member is eligible to attend.)

(For those of you who enrolled last month because I announced that prices would go up in April, forgive me please,  I decided one last attempt at trying to offer TTU at the crazy affordable price so that EVERYONE can get the help they need.)

We will begin with the bonus group coaching on Monday the 9th, BUT you do not have to be prepared to begin on Monday! Do not let that stop you! We will officially begin on the 16th. On the 9th we will be getting together to discuss our strategy for the weeks ahead. It will be recorded and available to you inside our members area for you to review any time.

You don’t have to make our live meetings either. They will be recorded and available to you when you login to our members area.
This level of help is unheard of. I am committed to helping you. I don’t know if I could offer this kind of help again so don’t blow this off! It is a $1,997.00+ value! That is the fee recommended for the kind of coaching I am giving!

“Too good to be true!” you might be saying… well, it’s not. Sometimes we do get what we want, and then all we have to do is ACCEPT IT!

Accept this. It is truly a gift… Enroll in Tidy Tutor University today!

You will get as a member:

  • Tidy Tutor University 4 week recorded course
  • Twice a month live online meetings (they are recorded if you miss it)
  • Access to Kathy in her private FB group
  • Bonus video courses in our Insiders members area
  • Impromptu FB live video help
  • Every Wednesday I do a FB Live Video
  • 20% VIP savings on anything extra offered by The Tidy Tutor
​​​​​​​You will get as part of the Group Coaching Bonus
  • Weekly live online meetings
  • Homework assignments
  • Personalized help
  • Encouragement galore!
  • Motivation and face to face instruction from Kathy
  • Live Q and A time
  • Accountably 
  • Weekly FB live videos

If you are already a part of my monthly membership you’ve got this! Login and click on this months Announcement icon. All the info and links are in there.

If you are a TTU grad and not part of monthly membership. GET BACK IN! For under $1 a day! It is almost freaking free!!! 

Here is the link:

Do this for you!


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