Showering after Workout & 1 Time Management Tip

If you go to the gym early in the morning this tip will help you make a really great start to your day.

And if you have been struggling to fit exercise into your life this could be the way to go so that it will actually happen.

Going to the gym when you would still be sleeping kind of cheats the day, wake up an hour and a half earlier to get the gym time in. You will need to go to sleep a little earlier to do this but I’m telling you it is worth it. You are worth it.

Here is the purpose of this blog and video…

Pack a bag with the clothes you are going to wear, include a towel and a few other things, like a brush, shampoo, conditioner and some moisturizer. Shower, dress and groom as soon as you are done with your work out at the gym and this will set you up for success for the entire rest of the day.

You won’t recognize your week when it is through.

I have been doing that very thing for a while now and I can’t believe it took me this long to think of it and make it a regular practice! What a difference it has made for me.

If you work from home, or if you are a stay at hone mom or dad or if you are retired, it is so easy to go to the gym, get home and get distracted with life and never get in the shower…

You end up spending most of the day in sweaty gym clothes not ready for anything, being caught off guard as your day goes by.

It also sends a message to your brain that you and what you have to do are not important. A schedule seems ridiculous to even consider in that state, and doing things without a plan will get you exactly nowhere.

There are studies that prove that if we are dressed for the occasion we rise to meet it. This is one of the things that all successful people have in common, they don’t lay around in Pajamas or junky clothes, they get ready for the day even if they are not leaving the house.

Something else that happened while I was doing the video in the locker room was…

I was saying not to overcomplicate things. I show a bag that I use and the things that I bring. We so often complicate things trying to look right, our definition of appropriate and those complications stop us from moving forward and doing what we want to do with our time and life.

I carry hair ties, shampoo and conditioner (wrapped in a plastic grocery bag so if they leak it won’t matter) 2 brushes (one straight and one round) and some moisturizer.


Of course I bring a towel and the change of clothes I will wear that day.

A woman came in the locker room while I was saying that, how we shouldn’t complicate things, it was just the end of the video. She walked out and then walked back in again and said to me, “You know, you are so right, we do complicate things, we think that everyone is thinking about us, and the truth is no-one is thinking of us, they are thinking about themselves.”

If we think too much about how things are supposed to be, we often don’t act, and doing nothing get’s us nowhere.

I would love to hear what you think about this, and if you give it a try.

Much Love to You!