Happy Thanksgiving

I did this video back in 2012, a twist on “The Night Before Christmas” It is titled, “The Night Before Thanksgiving”

If you are stressed about the holidays, this might help 🙂

Twas the night before thanksgiving and all through the house, my kids were having cocktails and I was a grouch.

Knowing tomorrow would be stressful, but my kids didn’t care. I hoped that the food fairy soon would be here.

My children were pre-gaming for the pary night ahead, all I could think of was, Screw the stuffing, I’m goin to bed.

While out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my kitchen to see what was the matter.

Away to the porch I flew like a freak, opened the screen door and spoke out with a shriek.

With a darling young driver, neither comrade nor foe, I knew in a moment it was my son joe.

More rapid than eagles his friends got out of his car, and he whistled and shouted their names from afar.

Now Andrew, now Michael, now Kevin and Joey, Now Maniah now Charlie, now Nick and Now Corry.



I wish my eyes would twinkle and my dimple would be merry. But all I could do was be grumpy and worry.

My usual sweet little mouth was all tied up in a knot, my chin quivered so much, I began to feel hot.

I was dressed with a blanket draped over my arms, I couldn’t make this day go away not with all of my charms.

The groceries were strewn all aroudn in the kitchen. I wouldn’t be thankful I couldn’t stop bitchen.

Then emily and katie came into the room, they wrapped their arms around me and said “Mom, stop being a bafoon.”

“We don’t care about the things that are making you worry, it all doesn’t matter, calm down, what’s the hurry?”

“If we are going to do something lets do it with glee, it will be funner we promise, just wait you will see.”

So I decided to wing it and change my attitude, I realized that for years I had been unconsciously rude.

I have a choice to enjoy the day that I am in, for so many years I’ve been taking it on the chin.

So if you are what I am, concerned and in knots, I invite you to take it easy, cause being stressed? It just rots!

Today is a new day and a new holiday season, I can celebrate and change my mind and here is the reason.

I only have this one life for me to live, I will spend it or waste it, as if in a sieve.

What will I be remembered for? the mess in my house? The crazy behavior I had with my spouse?

Or the joy that I lived every day with the hope, that someday I would’nt be at the end of my rope. – The end

This holiday is coming weather we like it or not, you might as well like it 🙂







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