We are wonderful, living organized or not.

But, when we live organized, we FEEL wonderful!

Here is to the feeling!

First a note from me:

Here is a quote from Rhonda’s journal entry below:

“One thing is for sure. If something happened to me, there would
be more focus on how I lived than that I ever lived at all.”

It really is a devastating thing living a disorganized life.

Please know, that I know it, I lived it, and at times regress and
have to give my self a backhand slap to “SNAP OUT OF IT!”

It’s not just being late for things, and forgetting birthdays.

The quote above from Rhonda’s Journal is so revealing.

We identify ourselves as ‘less than’, and as Rhonda stated, so will
all of society if we are ‘found out’

Being ‘less than’ anyone else because we are OC is not the truth.

But feeling like we are, and that society sees us that way, is a fact.
and one that we desperately want to change.

And we can change it, I am proof of it and so is Rhonda.

The truth is you are wonderful if you never pick up a sock or wash a dish!

But we will FEEL and experience such joy when our actions line up with what
we WANT, when we LEARN how to be what we want to be.

Everyone was not born musical and everyone was not born organized.
BUT! everyone can learn music and everyone can learn order.

It really is easier than you thought to get out of the mess and begin a
life of order. You can do it. Together we can get organized! I promise 🙂

Much Love!


The Tidy Tutor

November 8, 2012
Journey to Oneness Day 5

Day 5
I woke up real late today.
Like 10 ish and I loved it.
Knew that I had spent the wee hours sorting pencils from pens
and going through the mirror in my front room and sorted things
out little by little.

I sat there with my DVD on auto play watching the same documentary
about this lady who had a spiritual encounter with Mary, the Mother
of God.

As I sat there sorting through just a corner of the room I haven’t
touched in over 12 years, I looked at the walls covering my home.
It was full of Saints, and Jesus and Mary and everything encouraging
and uplifting.

I had two thoughts:

1. If it weren’t for God 100% of my life would be exposed, but by
his grace no one really knows what’s going on inside.
2. God must be so patient with me and also baffled by me as to why
in the world I would sit here in this trash!

I’ve always known I was super awesome 🙂 Not saying that in a conceited
way but I cherished the gift that God has given me to troubleshoot problems,
coordinate people, and solve things in the governmental level.

I could get along with everyone – with kids and adults. Those who are
considered “outcasts” like the homeless or the drug addict.

I just have no problems with it and I love hanging out with people.

Well, what I noticed within this last 12 years is that I’ve devoted
my time to spend it outside of my home. And I came home, threw my piles
of papers from a meeting here and not uncovering it again.

But it’s a miracle to me that I would remember my meetings in my head,
and who to call and what to do. Considering I had no internet in this
house (as I didn’t want the telephone guy to come in here) up until 3
years ago.

I do remember losing things that are important to others.
And losing checks that was important for my monthly affairs.

Or buying shoes I couldn’t find 3 days later.
Or finding things that were molded and totally disgusting.

So as I sat there, sitting, checking every pen if it wrote.
If it didn’t I tossed it. If it did it went onto this container.

I was really happy.
Time stopped and it was the most important thing in the world.

I can’t imagine how many zillion of times I had to say “hold on,
I’m looking for a pen” and couldn’t find one that worked and tried
to memorize things.

So my lesson for that day was that because of my complacency I
have lost immeasurable amount of time, projects and opportunities.
And that makes me sad.

I will never get that time back.
But as Kathy said, I have NOW and I’m taking a hold of it.

On that day, I got an email from work.
He wanted a copy of his video and I literally cannot find it.

He was married 2 years ago and I had a copy of it somewhere here.

I have yet to find it. He is understandably unhappy.
And I am as usual not worried.

But it’s a different type of worried this time around.
I’m not worried because I am cleaning now and I will find it.

But before, in my complacency I was not worried because I just
didn’t care. That memento was one memento of a million mementos
I couldn’t find. And how is it that his memento was more important
than mine.

So with this comes selfishness.

No relative could ever spend time here when they are visiting.
No friend could ever come in to use the bathroom.
No using the kitchen sink because it was broken.
No meals together.
No time together.

It was a choice not to live the way as I had done before as I had
embraced this state of clutter loneliness.

And I was okay with it and with all honesty, I thought I would die
with it.

Doesn’t matter if I’m in my 30s.
It’s not guaranteed that I would live a long life.

One thing is for sure.
If something happened to me, there would be more focus on how I
lived than that I ever lived at all.

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Genifer Ring Michel - Reply

Wow, Rhonda! I hear such honesty and hope in your words. This is the most direct route to living the life God wants for you. Great job!

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