Now Is THE Best Time To Start An Organizing Challenge

Have you ever thought about why it’s so hard to get a New Year Resolution to stick? I have a theory about ONE of the reasons… A BIG reason.

I want you to think about this… In January, we just went through the most challenging time of the year!

We have abused our bodies with all the celebratory eating and partying, we have stretched ourselves beyond measure with all the shopping and planning and cooking, and scheduling then trying to get the main living areas together and TRYING to have the house FEEL like the holidays is upon us.

Then January comes and we drink in the new year, further abusing our bodies.

We have more pressure on us that time of year than any other time of year on the calendar.

And it started in September with “Back to School” and if you don’t have any children in school, most likely your work schedule get more serious, the weather changes, and from then on there is so much happening and things to prepare for and then the holidays hit! BAM!

I talk about this in the video. It is the WORST time to make a resolution to get organized and I offer you a fun way to STICK to the program!

I’m telling ya, this is THE BEST TIME of year to do this!

I am encouraging you to begin NOW because I have this fabulous Challenge going on inside of my University (I talk about it in the video too)!

We are beginning in June! Don’t miss out!

Now… If you are part of TTU and have been putting off getting started, NOW is a great time. REACH OUT TO ME!

If you are not part of our Private Facebook Group, get in it!

If you have any problems with that. I will help you!

Enroll in Tidy Tutor University!

Click the link Http:// You can find out about TTU and begin today. When you do you will get hooked up with the exclusive TTU challenge in the process.

Much Love to you!





I’ll see you on the inside.