Our Dejunking Challenge!

OK… Imagine this… Your Dream Job Called…and you’ve been hired!

They accepted your pay requirement and added a mega bonus because they are so happy that they found you!

You not only got the job, but the request you made to be transferred to their location in *Fill in the blank* was granted!

Hawaii, New York, Australia, Paris, London, Chicago, California, Fiji…(Your dream location!)


On moving day all you have to do is get in the car, drive off to the airport and show up at your new home!

They will pack you up, unpack for you, and set you all up!

So here is the challenge!

Between now and the day the car arrives to take you to the airport you must get the entire house streamlined so that a 10 year old can pack it up and unpack it for you.

Even if a box is not marked correctly, just by one look inside of it, it would be clear where that box belongs.

You have the keys to a new life! And you do not want to bring your clutter and chaos with you.

You need help! There is so much stuff! So much to do! Where do you start? And how do you do it?! There is panic and excitement at the same time!

OK, you ready?! We are going to get it done together!

You will be getting a video from me about all of the details.

For now, I want you to relax! This is the best time of year for this to happen for you.

This time of year is the most relaxed and it has the least amount of stress attached to it.

We will begin on June 1st. There is lots to think about and lots to be excited about!

Your first assignment is to think about what you want your new home life to look like, to feel like and to be like.

Take the time to imagine each room clear of clutter and clean and fresh. See the inside of cabinets closets and drawers, See yourself having company over and opening the door with a welcoming and joy filled heart to your guests.

Picture yourself in your bedroom just before bed, what does it feel like? How does it look?

Really, meditate on this. Make it feel real to you! and SMILE! Because this is about to become a reality!

Only TTU students are included in this challenge. If you are not a Tidy Tutor University member enroll today and get in on this life changing event!

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I can’t wait to see you on the inside!

And for all of you who are already members, we are going to have so much fun!!!

Much Love to you!




The Tidy Tutor