members Only Cawfee Tawk: Moving 101

A TTU grad posted in my Tidy Tutor Facebook group how much better it is for her since she has taken TTU especially that she’s in the midst of a move, and across the country at that!

I dug into the archives of our Cawfee Tawks and found my MOVING 101 recorded webinar.

You can use a lot of this even if you aren’t moving because if we had our homes in a state where we would have to pick up and move at any given moment, our homes would truely be streamlined and dejunked.

So, even if you aren’t moving. You’ll benefit¬†from this Cawfee Tawk.

Keep connected. We didn’t’ get into the mess overnight and we won’t get out of it overnight, we need support, you have the support take advantage of it.

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