One thing to do that makes cleaning easy!

Keeping the house clean is so much easier when you have things all together in a basket instead of loose things on shelves and on surfaces.

In the bathroom on the vanity is a great place to utilize a nice wicker basket and all the stuff that you normally keep on the vanity, keep in that basket instead. Then, when you need to clean the top of the vanity, all you have to do is take ONE thing off, spray, wipe and put that one thing back!

In a closet, on the shelves where you keep extra toiletries and bathroom stuff, like tooth paste, powder, soap, extra shampoo yada yada, keep it all in a basket. You can see what I mean in the video.

Also, on the top of the dressers, if you have perfume bottles put them in a basket instead. If you really like the way the bottles look and don’t want to hide them in the basket, ask yourself if it looks nice on a dusty dresser… Cause most likely you aren’t keeping up with the dusting, and most likely it is because it’s so inconvenient to empty it all off to dust.

Watch the video for more examples.

In Tidy Tutor University we do something called a “Once Over Day”. After we get the house all dejunked it is so easy to take care of and we do a little once a week ritual that keeps is company ready without any stress.

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