Getting Organized, Setting Goals

Once a week members of my “Tidy Tutor Insiders” get together and we have a live online meeting (I call the Cawfee Tawks) and I wanted to share one of them with you today.

The topic: “The Fear of Getting it together”.

Have you ever noticed that when you get closer and closer to a goal becoming a reality, that somehow it get’s sabotaged or abandoned altogether?

If you ever wanted to know why that is, and how to stop it from happening, I get into all of that here in this video.

“I just watched your YouTube Cawfee Talk video on fear. It was perfect. It was like an online therapy session. There are a lot of questions I need to ask myself…. This is huge, Kathy. Thank you so much.” – Sue

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One of my TTU students said that she is in Tidy Tutor Recovery 🙂 “It is so much more than a ‘get organized’ course.”

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