Change your lightning scattered energy to Electric Focused energy!

As creative people we usually like to do more than one thing at a time, appearing unfocused to the vast population…
…and because we don’t know that “it’s OK” and we don’t know how to harness our creative energy we often appear to fail in projects, in housekeeping & many other things we embark on & we become afraid to try new things or start anything new.
We’ve been convinced (mostly by schooling) that it’s messed up to get tired of doing one thing and  to move onto another thing before we have finished the original thing.
Instead of teaching us how we can embrace our need for change while keeping all our ducks in a row, we have been told that we were wrong to be who we were.
If you are anything like me, you have been left feeling like there is something wrong with you and you needed to conform… somehow.
It’s baloney.
There are lots of us who know that there is nothing wrong with us and LOVE how we tick & have learned how to take our lightning and make it electricity!
Be one of them!
Love yourself just as you are, begin to believe that you’re not messed up, that there is nothing wrong with you, see yourself as simply unique.
Realize that most successful people in the world are exactly as you are.
Changing your view of how you tick will be the beginning of your greatest success!
Much Love!