Free “Gift Giving Template” for you :)

Since I got my act together back in 1989 the Holiday Season has become a joyful time for me (that was not always the case!) because the stress of all the to-dos have become a thing of the past for me.

 I still pinch myself every year.

The saying, “If you fail to plan you plan to fail” has never been truer than during this time of year.

The purpose of this blog is to give you a template that those of us in my course called “Head Start to The Holidays” use to keep track of gifts, the same one I have used for more than 2 decades! (holy crow!)

It is divided into sections, dedicated to people that we give to.

Each column is titled with what we purchased, It’s value, if it was wrapped and where it is hidden.

You can click here and Download it and print it out. It gives such peace of mind!

What made me think of giving this to you today is I hadn’t filled it out this year.

I realized that because of how very different my life is right now, I hadn’t made any provisions for Christmas except for some shopping I did while I was away.

I was gathering the things together this morning and I began to feel that old pang of panic I remembered my gift giving template. It felt so great that I could just take this sheet out and start writing on it. It gave me such a feeling of control.

I really think you will love this if you are in the midst of getting the gifts together, wrapping sorting or thinking about what you have and what you may still need to get.

Merry Christmas!
The Tidy Tutor

PS. Remember that you can still ask for TTU for a gift or give it to yourself! The gift of a truly NEW year is the best gift ever!

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