I know overwhelm, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t.

Overwhelm is real and it is all encompassing.

Hence the definition, overwhelm“bury or drown beneath a huge mass.”

When I feel overwhelmed I think to myself that it must be what it feels like to sink in quicksand…  but, I realize that it isn’t what it feels like emotionally, just physically.

Emotionally… I would imagine that someone would feel absolute panic when they discover that they have stepped in quicksand with little hope for rescue. (I don’t really know what it is like… I just know what we’ve seen in the movies, struggle and vain attempts to get out until the victim is swallowed up and finally disappears under the earth. I think it is not so dramatic or dire, in real life… from what I’ve heard, but for illustration sake we will go with Hollywood’s version.)

Overwhelm might make us feel paralyzed and hopeless, but there is normally very little panic. If there was… then we would move, we would do something.

Nothing will get someone motivated to move more quickly than when they are fighting for life!

Feeling overwhelmed, kind of gives one a feeling of lethargy (which means a lack of energy and enthusiasm), add to that confusion and fear of the unknown and you’ve got OVERWHELM.

Overwhelm for me is: paralyzing, unable to move, fearful… but not afraid of anything at all, or worried about what I’m NOT doing, just a great feeling of futility and inadequacy… Sound familiar?

This happens to me when I don’t have a plan for something.

This happens to me when I have high hopes for something.

This happens to me when I’m afraid of failing

…. or when I have a really good idea that I jumped ahead with before I gave it enough thought to execute fully and I suddenly find myself like a deer caught in headlights… knee deep in “to-dos” but without any direction.

It used to happen to me all the time, and it still does from time to time, but only with really creative things that I get excited about.  And now that I am aware that it happens, I’m learning to force myself to wait and plan.

Even though I love that we (OCP) will jump in with both feet when we get an idea for some kind of creative project, I HATE that I often begin without thinking.

A plan makes it so that there is no reason to think about what we need to do after it’s made. And without this reason to think … the overwhelm doesn’t have a fighting chance.

And then there is consistency.

Without consistency….

  • nothing can be accomplished.
  • no success can be seen.
  • all we end up with is a failed attempt to change and deep regret of what could have or should have been.

If you want to see change, and have that change last and last and last…

If you want to get on with your life, stop the cleaning up of the house so you can make your dreams come true….

I have set it up so that you cannot fail!

My course Tidy Tutor University and the Success Package that I have hooked up to it is an overwhelm buster!

I have arranged it so that you get my course Tidy Tutor University for FREE with membership that guarantees the consistency …. that guarantees success!

My course is applauded! It is praised, it is loved, and it gets results.

Here is what Elizabeth said:  “I made my resolution back in September by signing up for TTU. I enjoy organizing, but now I understand that it’s impossible to organize clutter. Consequently, decluttering doesn’t feel like a chore anymore – it feels more like a treasure hunt. Thank you Kathy & all of you TT Insiders for the feedback, understanding and support that’s making progress possible for me. Happy New Year!

Here is what you get inside Tidy Tutor University Success Package.

  • 4-session DIY Get Organized Course
  • Membership in my Insiders VIP Group which consists of a private Facebook group where we support each other, report on our triumphs, touch base with our to-dos and have real time access to me
  • LIVE online meetings [twice per month] that are recorded and archived for you to download and lots of bonus courses such as meals at home, getting stuff done, head start to the holidays and more (these are courses that are either exclusive to insiders or are available for purchase to those not inside my membership)
  • PLUS, other perks like, 20% off any workshop or course I create, and VIP status at events and so much more!

You might be thinking that this sounds incredibly expensive to receive all the help that I am offering, but it’s NOT. It is only $29 per month. That is less than $1 a day to change your life and have what you’ve always wanted to have… a home to be proud of and finally time to spend on all the things that matter to you most. That is so valuable! And priceless!

And Here is what Jennifer said: “I just can’t thank you enough, Kathy.  You’ve seriously changed my life. And to think, it all started because I was drowning in my mess and searched “cleaning motivation” on YouTube. I found you and the rest is history.

So, why do I offer it for such an unbelievable price?

Because I remember the days when I couldn’t afford things, I know what it’s like to want change but not have the funds to help me facilitate it. I want to help those who are in the shoes I was in at one time to get help.

Don’t wait, this low price and special offer will not last forever. You can consider it a gift from me to you.

..and Joanna: Great Cawfee Tawk tonight…Some emotional stuff hit home….. How we go through such emotional pain but from it we really do blossom…. I’m in the best possible position… I have a wonderful life… I lost myself for so many years…. I actually feel re born​… Kathy and the Tidy tutor have been my main focus. Something that gives me control over my life… And the whole realization that I’m not alone xxx”

For under $1 a day your life can take another direction, you can get happier almost immediately and begin on the journey to getting your dreams off the ground WHILE you live in a home that nurtures your spirit and soul and is a source of pride for you and your family.

Click HERE and enroll in Tidy Tutor University. There is a 30-day money back guarantee. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Tidy Tutor
Don’t like payments? You an enroll for the year at one price and save $50

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