Getting Organized – Doing it Alone

This is a recording of a live online meeting I had with my Tidy Tutor Peeps.

I’m sharing it with you to give you a sneak peek of what goes on after you register to TTU and to share with you what Donna, a recent student wrote me about the video.

Here’s what she wrote:

“This was SO good!

“this really helped!… You said so many great things & the bit about setting standards really hit me!

I SO need to do this! It’s too easy to tell myself I’m too tired or I’ll do it later or think it doesn’t really matter!

You pointed out that we don’t HAVE to do it/get our homes in order etc but if we choose to neglect what’s important to us its gonna cost us!

I loved your analogy of driving from Maine to California & how we can’t arrive there in a jump! We gotta drive through the states & we may as well have a good attitude about it & enjoy ‘the ride’ along the way! It HAS to be a journey so why not enjoy the traveling to our destination!?!…

Oh & the bit about the only people who AREN’T falling down & hitting roadblocks are the ones on the sidelines doing nothing & headed nowhere!

AND one more part really resonated & is so true how we all have different ‘selfs’ in us & not every part of us is going to agree to go along with our goals/desires but not to ‘fight’ with ourselves but gently coax her along… You said “Be easy on yourself & realize how amazing you are!” Oh my gosh! I don’t know about anyone else but this webinar is just what I needed to hear! ❤️”

Watch the video, it will help you make a decision.

But don’t wait, there is a countdown timer on the registration page, September 15th registration ends and won’t reopen till January 1st.

Set yourself up for the most amazing Holiday season you’ve ever had. Set yourself free from the never-ending cycle of cleaning and mess and cleaning and mess. Begin living your life instead of managing your stuff and feel wonderful walking in your front door, living in a home your proud of instead of a home you won’t allow anyone to enter.

Click on this link and you can begin today.

 If you have been thinking about enrolling in TTU and taking advantage of my crazy offer to get EVERYTHING for only $29.00 a month without any commitment and with the 100% money back guarantee I ask you to read what she wrote me and watch the video.


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