I Get Life’s Roadblocks

Life can be so tricky sometimes can’t it?

A member of my insiders group just shared a win and it inspired me & prompted this writing…

Doing things that are off the beaten path is sometimes scary, and different than the norm, isn’t easy.

When we have to stand up for ourselves… when we need to change something that will ruffle feathers, even our own! When we need to do things differently, it can feel exhausting.

I get life’s roadblocks. We look at them and say, do I go over it? Under it? Around it? Ignore it? Sometimes doing nothing feels like the only thing we CAN do… procrastination at its best.

Through it is always the answer… boy oh boy the journey can feel lonely.

We need inspiration, it brings us courage, we… you and I, other OCP (organizationally challenged people) we need to connect and not go it alone.

I’m so happy that I’m here for you with a plan to live life, and do and be what you were born to do and who you were born to be…

With direction & a plan we get focused and find freedom to live happy!

The life we want to create starts at home. It starts with a routine you create. You, the master of your universe.

Routines sound so confining but they are so freeing!

We don’t need perfect to begin, or be clutter free and clean.

We need a plan, amidst the chaos… and actions to achieve clutter free and clean, implementing that routine one day at a time.

What satisfaction that brings!

Put you first today. Stop rushing.

Enjoy your morning, your babies, your lunch, your commute, your dinner, your shower…. enjoy life.

It’s happening anyway! It might as well happen with a plan to live it, no matter what surrounds you… put a smile on your face…

With a plan, a direction to follow & focus, it really is the foundation for happy 😊

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