Something that is incredibly important to living an organized and successful life, is to have a daily routine.

I know that sounds so boring, but sometimes boring is necessary so we can get on with the fun stuff.

At some jobs, they call it an order of operations. If you ever worked somewhere that had one in place, you know the value of it! If you worked somewhere that didn’t (and most don’t), I know you wished they had!

In the first message I sent about getting up 1/2 hour earlier than you actually need to, getting yourself ready for the day first thing, and having a bedtime, we discussed how this is what ALL successful people do.

They don’t get swayed by other people’s needs and agendas. They take care of themselves first thing and know when they are going to bed and waking up.

They also know what is going on in their day. They have a set order to things they do and don’t allow the dings of technology, thoughts about something they need to do, or a phone call sway them from their routine.

The routine I’m sharing here is “mini.” If you want to add to it, please do. BUT if you haven’t been adhering to a routine, I ask you to do this mini routine for a couple of days before you add anything.

If there are things you have to do like pack a lunch or get a child out of bed and ready for school, you will do that, but you don’t have to write it in the routine right now.

I ask you NOT to include it in your written mini routine that I suggest here.

This will set yourself up for success. You will see that having something set to follow really does make a world of difference, and when you’re ready to add things, you will… with confidence. You don’t want to start too gung-ho and not be able to accomplish what you set out to do which leads to discouragement and quitting.

Here is the mini morning routine:

  • Up on time
  • Make bed
  • Clothes in dryer
  • Drink glass water
  • Shower/Groom/Dress (or get cute)
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Put dishes away
  • Check to do list
  • *Fold Laundry

Evening Routine:

  • Check Calendar
  • Make to do list (from what was on your calendar for tomorrow)
  • Put things that you need for tomorrow by the door
  • Prepare for bed
  • Put on Pajamas
  • Brush teeth
  • Clothes away or in hamper
  • Wash a load of clothes
  • Dinner dishes done
  • Bed on time

I start my evening routine in the morning. When I’m taking clothes out of the dryer, I’ll think about what I’m going to wear tomorrow. If I’m at the computer and see I’ll need my checkbook or insurance card, I’ll put it in my purse. While making dinner I’ll think about tomorrow’s dinner…

Be sure and begin your evening routine early. If I wait till after dinner to think about my night time routine, I’m too tired and I don’t want to do it. It makes excuses too easy, and putting it off is counterproductive.

Let me know how you do!

The Tidy Tutor


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