How to get rid of other People’s Stuff!

As organizationally challenged people, we can put up with a lot of mess, inconvenience and easily put things off.

We kinda like the mad rush, or tell ourselves that we do…

Regardless, we usually do well with making things happen last minute. However, this does not work well when we are dealing with other people stuff.

If we have a family member’s stuff in the house and it is becomes necessary for those things to be removed… it can be difficult to make it happen in a time frame we like, if at all.

Most of the time, the stuff belongs to our children. They moved out and their room remains the same, or they moved out and their stuff is in the attic or basement and we want it out!

They don’t get it. They think it’s their house, so it is understandable that they rebel. Also, if we have been living with too much stuff up until now… they might see it as an unreasonable request.

We have taught people how to treat us and our space. If you want to play by a different set of rules, it can be a bit tricky and will take some doing and some time…

In this video…

  • I talk about how to go about getting other people’s stuff out of your house.
  • I also address those things that we want to give away to someone who said they wanted it and they have yet to come pick it up.
  • I give specific direction on what to do, how to do it and how to deal with those that feel like their stuff can stay there because after all, “It’s my house too!”


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