We had a great time at the workshop!

Many of you asked me for the recording of the Workshop Pam and I did together on creating a daily routine.

I figured out how to get it to you so you can CLICK HERE to access our Online Workshop along with the templates and notes.

It will only be available till July 11th, 2017 so if you intend to get it, don’t wait.

Look at what Barb wrote us…

“I had so much fun watching the workshop and learned a lot. The jar with rocks & sand was the perfect visual aide for me!

This morning I got up a half hour earlier, had my shower, got dressed, put on my make-up & styled my hair and was completely ready within 15 minutes of my usual wakeup time.

I started my laundry next…it’s just me & my adult son at home… Then I unloaded the dishwasher and had breakfast.

About the time I finished breakfast and clean-up…

I am finished with my morning routine and could be at work an HOUR EARLIER than usual! I’m on salary, so that’s my choice.

It’s so nice to have a choice and not be racing around trying to get out the door at a respectable time!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You and Pam are a great team!” – Barb

Our next Workshop will be on July 12, at 2pm EST. So get it on your calendar and look for the announcement.

Kathy and Pam

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