How to bring positive energy into your life with Feng Shui

I am painting my bedroom and when I hung my whiteboard back up I thought about what kind of energy it was giving off. Then I thought about the place where it was hanging. In the Feng Shui world it was in my “Money Space.”

In Feng Shui, the South-East Portion of your home and the south-east portion of every room is your money space, or prosperity space.

If you have never heard of Feng Shui, it is the art of placement and those who subscribe to the Feng Shui philosophy believe that all areas in your home have specific reasons for being and how those areas are arranged and how they are kept effect those particular and specific aspects of our lives.

So, I thought about it… what was this whiteboard’s energy bringing to me?

I had written on it a lot of stuff that I don’t even look at anymore, and things that I have put on the back burner for now, and some things that I simply haven’t gotten to yet and those things bother me on a regular basis.

I thought about the other things I had in that space. A small pile of my daughter Emily’s folded laundry that she hasn’t picked up yet, and I had a grocery store bag on the doorknob with wrappers, crumbled paper, empty packages… TRASH in it.

If that was my prosperity space what was I attracting? Garbage? unfinished business, forgotten goals, other people’s baggage?!

So, I wiped off the board and wrote this on it… Good things happen for me! I deserve them… I can have them… I receive them happily and thankfully!

I took the garbage bag off the door walked outside with it and popped it into the garbage can, and I put Emily’s clothes into my car so I could bring it by her when I go out later!

It feels amazing already and certain areas of my room that continued to be cluttered, even though I kept up with everything suddenly became peaceful and clear!

So, think about what clutter, or broken things, or other people’s things or anything that doesn’t bring you joy has on how your life is moving along…

Could it be affecting more than just your space? Could it be affecting your life?

Another piece of motivation to get the house cleaned up and streamlined. Another reason to do the dishes after dinner and get rid of things you don’t love or use…

Ok, I gotta run now… Thanks so much for being in my world and leave a comment! I would love to hear what you are thinking.


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