Do A Bikini Model Mom Challenge With me?!

This may not be for everyone, so please just disregard if you’r not interested.

My daughter Katie is a fitness guru… with a twist.

She is a real person who knows about real women’s time pulls, and responsibilities.

But she is also an  OCP (Organizationally Challenged Person) and knows about the challenges of finding the time to get fitness and the commitment to diet worked into our day, while managing home and family.

She also has a Tidy Tutor Daily Routine and Binder. She’s been doing the program since she was 10 when I first read Sidetracked Home Executives and set her up with her own system.

No fitness coach will “get you” like she does.

I belong to her program and just got one of her emails that said that her next 6 week challenge will begin in just 2 days and I told her I wanted in!

The picture on this post is me 4 weeks into her program before and after 🙂

I then had an idea…

What if I get Katie to get my Tidy Tutor Peeps (YOU) in her next challenge at a special discount? I am her mother after all, why not pull some strings when I can?

I know how much, some of you would be so happy to know about this and get this dicount opportunity.

I do not receive anything from this. This is my way of saying thank you for being part of my Tidy Tutor world.  I get to provide even more value to you and it also helps me to stay true to my commitment to help you be the best you can be.

Katie’s program can fit into your daily routine, there is no guess work, there is an actionable easy to follow hand holding plan and I will be doing this challenge right along with you!

Katie has a closed support group for those who have signed up to this 6 week challenge.

To find out more about it I have some details below.

Imagine how wonderful this will be! Transforming your home and body at the same time!

 You can CLICK HERE to get  started, remember there are only 2 days left before it begins.

Use this coupon code ~ tidypeeps ~ to receive $49.75 off.


Here are some details about the program:

Bikini Model Mom is a 6 week online weight loss program that will help you shed your unwanted fat, and keep it off for a lifetime. This is NOT a gimmicky-quick-fix type of program. Bikini Model Mom will help you build lifestyle habits that are easily sustained and that will help you reach your goal…and stay there.

During your 6 weeks you will get:

  • 3-5 workouts per week that can either be done at home or at the gym, and can be modified for beginners as needed

  • Grocery list of approved foods

  • Sample daily meal plan

  • Recipes for simple, bulk meal prep

  • Daily accountability

  • Online community for support and encouragement

  • LIVE trainings to help you learn about healthy habits that will keep you lean and energized


Are you ready to finally get in shape so you can look and feel your absolute best? Are you ready to live your life with maximum energy and confidence? If so, let me help you take your small steps toward lasting change. This program will undoubtedly give you everything you need to be successful. All you need to do is take that first, tiny baby step toward a leaner, more fit future.

I’m Ready!

You won’t regret changing your life for the better. You won’t be walking this road alone. You will be better for you, for your family and for your community. The cost of the Bikini Model Mom program is only $199, this pricing will not last long, take advantage of it while you can.

Enter tidypeeps into the coupon box to get $49.75 off

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