How amazing you are

If you have always been a mess, from as way back as you can remember… if you were always feeling like you were different than the other girls like I did…

I always felt like there was something wrong me because I couldn’t keep my room clean, my desk in school was embarrassing and I was always late with assignments… you need to know what I know because everything will change for you when you do!

Were you asked why you couldn’t have a tidy room like all the other girls did?

Did you wonder why you couldn’t get your projects done on time without having to pull all-nighters?

Did you get into trouble for stressing your parents out all the time with last minute panic requests for posterboard, popsicle sticks, cotton and clay? or for a ride to the library before it closed on Friday, so you could cram for a report due on Monday you had weeks to prepare for?

I know your pain, and you are sooooooo not alone!

Our self-esteem has been so bruised by comparisons and questions like: “What’s wrong with you?” and “Why can’t you be more like…?” and the sneers and looks we got from others who were observing our behavior and space that we have left our potential at the door and have been working on cleaning up our acts as our primary reason for living.
There is this socially unacceptable view of women who can’t keep house that haunts us and keeps us down.

We are led to believe that we are not as good as everyone else and we are left feeling deeply ashamed of who we are.

OMG if you only knew what I have come to learn about us!

Not only is there NOTHING wrong with us AT ALL!

BUT! We are extraordinary! We are so filled with amazingness because of our “disorder” it is a gift! We are who not only put the spice into life but are the inventors and the innovators. We are the movers and the shakers, we make sh** happen in the world!

So much changed for me when I got organized and I always believed it was because I could find my keys and shoes and I knew where my pen was, so I could write down my goals.

I have learned that it is NOT the reason at all!

If it was true that finding your sh** and being organized was a prerequisite for accomplishment, then every organized person would be wildly successful. Is that the case? Do you know that to be true? F NO!

How many super organized people do you know are working in jobs they hate? How many are overweight? How many super clean and organized women do you know who are living lives with unaccomplished goals and dreams?

BUT! Did you know that when an Organizationally Challenged person gets their acts together that big things begin to happen in their lives?

It is because (and I have evidence to support this) it is our type of person that has what it takes more than any other to accomplish big things in life!

92% of all people in the world who set goals don’t achieve them. What do you think the 92% are all OCP? NO! …and guess what? Out of the 8% that do achieve. Most are OCP!

Think about it! We are flexible, a trait you have to have to see a long-term vision into reality. We are optimistic, we have these pie in the sky expectations of things, completely needed to begin what would seem impossible to most.

We can daydream. How often were you told you had your head in the clouds?! We are innately creative! It is wired inside us.

We can get lost in a project, soooooo needed to accomplish anything! We can shut off everything, dishes, laundry, a mess around us, a ringing phone and stay in the flow of something we’re passionate about. Whether it is a sewing project, painting a room, baking, putting together something, writing…. and on and on…. we get lost in our endeavors.

And we can procrastinate! Yes, I said it! Procrastination, it turns out is a necessary function to achieving just the right answer to a problem.

My heart is so full of the desire to help women who’ve been suppressed and left feeling as I have felt about myself most of my life that it has become a mission for me.

My passion, my mission is to help other women find the freedom and fulfillment that I found.

Let me help you get it together at home and in your life. Let me help you rise up to live the amazing life God has planned for you to live.

It sounds nuts but it all begins with making the space for you to shine.

We have our own unique learning style. We have our own way of doing things. Once we are shown what they are, and we incorporate what the OGP in the world know, but with our twist there is no stopping us!

Once we undo all the trash talk and get the support and belong to a community of women who are who we are and are achieving we are on our way to loving life and helping others who are just like us to achieve too.

I am not saying by any means that you need to invent the next big thing or accomplish some unbelievable historic feat…

What I am saying is you will do what lights you up. So many things will materialize and begin for you, I guarantee it.

I always say, It’s not about perfect, it’s about happy, bottom line.

Let me help you step into the amazing shoes that God has crafted for you! Let me help you be the woman you were born to be and step out of the shadow of the lie that there is something wrong with you to see the amazing woman I know is in there!

It all starts here, inside of Tidy Tutor University, holy crow, no sh**.

Look for my next email and video.

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Tidy Tutor University begins in January!


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