Can Bad seem Good?

Did you ever notice that when we change something for the better we often get stuck and don’t move ahead to achieve exactly what we pictured when we began?

Something happens when we go from Horrible to better, even bad to OK… We don’t recognize that things are still not good. We can be tricked into believing that everything is great.

Horrible that isn’t horrible anymore, even if it’s bad can seem good.

We can stay in that state for a long time before we realize that it isn’t where we want to be.

Practicing one thing like getting up 30 minuet before we actually have to can change life so much that we can’t believe the difference it makes and we don’t realize that there is still a lot of work to do.

If you have ever wanted to know more about Tidy Tutor University I am sharing this portion of TTU with you.

I address the pitfalls that often trip us up when we are on the road to change.

In this video I give a brief introduction and then share a segment of TTU with you about this very subject. “When Horrible Turns Bad it seems good.

You will see that there is so much more to Tidy Tutor University than how to clean an oven and organizing tips and tricks.

Tidy Tutor University is beginning again in January! If you are not already a member and are not on the waiting list to find out more and be in the loop surrounding our New Year Semester you can click here and I will add you to the waiting list.

Let me know what you think!


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