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This video is for emergency holiday help, Christmas ideas for the organizationally challenged soul.It is a replay of our webinar from December 1st.

We want to have a happy holiday at home, but that is impossible when we are living in a mess.

I have outlined a Holiday Plan that will work if you work it!

We discuss what to do with the clutter, where to start, how to get the family involved, how to organize the gifts, how to keep track of the receipts, deciding on a holiday menu, entertaining, baking christmas cookies, wrapping presents, and how to pull it all off, even if you are in a wreck and there is clutter everywhere.

Much Love!

Kathy Roberts
I offer a way to get personal help during the time you are implementing all the help that is in this video, as well as a great way to finally and completely get organized… And I am with you every step of the way!

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