GSD – Getting Started instruction 1

1st video

We are on getting stuff done and not spinning our wheels. We have to put the large rocks in the jar first, gotta do what is most important to you first. If you fill it with sand first (little things that won’t make you happy when all is said and done) there will be no room for anything else in your jar.

* Make a list of 5 things that you want to get done.
* Put the number 1 next to the thing that will make you most happy if it was done.
* Do that 1 thing for 30 minutes. (If you have laundry on your list, put it in the washer before you start the 30 minutes.)
* After you do that, go to the next video.

How to clean up that room:
* Put stuff that belongs in another room on a chair or the corner of a couch–just make a pile somewhere.
* Next, work from the surfaces down.
* Have Windex, furniture polish, paper towels and a rag handy.
* When done with surfaces and floor, use Windex and furniture polish as needed.
* After all of that – put away the items that go into another room in the house, those things you piled up.
* If you have a child who can help you, ask them to put those things in the rooms they belong in while you are working on other things in that room.
* When the 30 minutes are up, go to the next video.

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