GSD – What’s next – 2

If you didn’t finish the room you were in during that 30 minutes, you don’t have to go back into that room if you don’t want to. You probably don’t want to, and you don’t have to. You can go into a different room that you have on your list.

Number the next 4 things
The next thing you want to do, Put the number 2 by that
The next thing after that, go back to the other room if you hadn’t finished it.
Number the next ones
30 minutes is the max – 15 minutes is the minimum
What you like to do give 30 min – what you don’t like give 15
Don’t forget about the washer if you have it going
Move quickly, pretend that company is coming
Do the next thing on the list (or two things) and come back to the videos

# 3 Getting Stuff Done – Back to Number 1 or…

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Here we will go back to the first room/project we started with if you
haven’t finished it.

I know I said to do max 30 min and minimum 15, but I am changing that up!

50 Max and 30 Minimum.

It is true that if you do 15 minutes a day in a storage room, or in any
project that in a week you will see crazy results, Heck, in a day you will
see results.

But this is GETTING STUFF DONE! We are seriously trying to kick some BUTT here!

So that when you are done, you can step back and put your hands on your hips and
say “DAMN! I did good!”

If you finished the first room, then go to the next thing on the list of five tings.

Not the second that you did just before this, but the third thing. IF you have finished
with the 1st. OK? READY? SET! GO!!!

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