Getting Organized, dreams come true

I did this video while in the nursery with my newborn granddaughter (Lilly Johanna).

My girl (Emily) had given birth a few hours before, and after the “bonding time” that
the hospital so graciously gives mother and baby, they whisk the newborn off to the
nursery for vitals and such.

Most other babies went alone with the nurse, even though they could have been
accompanied by someone who has been lo-jacked to them. I opted to go with the little

It was hard for me in that nursery, because I come from the school of thought that
a new life should experience only love and gentleness.

Many others agree with me, Dr Laboyer is probably the most revered spokesman in
regard to newborn treatment.

I just wanted to give you a picture as to what was going on and why I was where
I was…

While in the nursery, guarding my little Lilly from the man handling of
nurses (sorry if you are a nurse, I mean no disrespect) I had a lot of time
to do nothing. I was not allowed to hold the baby because she was hooked
up to some body heat device, and the nurse was adamant against my interference.

I was able to touch the baby and help her to know she was safe, but at this
particular time she was sleeping and I realized I could take this opportunity to
encourage anyone who had a dream to get organized to do so with the course that was
coming up on the 14th of April.

I knew that because of Lilly’s birth (which was not supposed to happen till the 10th)
I would not have as much time as I thought to help you know about TTU this month.

So I decided to use this down time alone to get a video out 🙂

Please take this time to learn how to live an organized life.

We have an orientation on the 14th of April, you do not need to be present as
it will be recorded. But you will have me to connect with during our 5 weeks

Tidy Tutor University is a recorded video course that you have forever. You also get
live review calls with me going over each session, and they are recorded.

Also, forever you will have access to any live reviews every new semester.

There is nothing to lose as I give a 30-day money back guarantee.

You also get my book “Finally Organized” and 1 month free inside of my
members only “TTinsiders club”

Please take the time for you to have what you have always dreamed of…

An organized life.

Click here and register!

Much Love to you!

Kathy Roberts

Here is what Christina said about Tidy Tutor University

“I stumbled on The Tidy Tutor after I plugged in “organizing ideas” in a YouTube search.
About 7 months ago, I watched and loved her first lesson. Although I truly appreciated
Kathy’s approach and everything she said, I didn’t see how further lessons could be any
more informative. I didn’t enroll in TTU (I do regret missing 5 months of this). Fast
forward 5 months, and I’m right back where I started, except this time I remembered
The Tidy Tutor. After paying the nominal $197 (seriously, yes, I said “nominal” because,
for the peace I’ve gotten, IT IS) I started going for it! While I’m still relatively new,
I can tell you that if you’ve made it so far as to be reading my message then you need this
just as much as I do. DO IT! Take the course! Join Insiders! It is IMPOSSIBLE to regret!”
– Christina Armosino

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