Fuggedaboutet Friday! Anchors

Do you have things that are connected to a bad feeling, a bad time in your life? Maybe a relationship from the past that was not good for you?

It could be something that is filled with regret, something that reminds you of what you didn’t do and wish you did, or something you did do and wish you didn’t.

We are all human beings trying to do the best we can in the world. We all make mistakes and so do others. Those mistakes, if we allow them to take up space in our minds and can not let go and forgive ourselves or others, can be anchors to our soul, keeping us stuck and unable to make changes we want to make in our lives.

Everything gives off something and the things that we have in our homes give off a vibe. A good and healthy vibe that feeds our soul or an unhealthy vibe that feeds OFF our soul. We want to purge the things that don’t belong and only keep what nurtures us and helps us to grow.

There can be things that have been around for so long, that we don’t even see them anymore. But they are there, giving off a sense of emotion that seeps into our heart.

Those thoughts that come up attached to certain things, reinforce the thoughts we wish we didn’t think anymore and we don’t realize that the reason is right under our noses.

Every Friday, I want us to take a look & see if we have something to let go of, something that is connected to a bad experience, relationship or memory.

Clutter can also be something that keeps us anchored to the past and in a place where moving ahead, is just not possible. But for today, for this Fuggedaboutet Friday, we’re going to focus on things that just don’t belong in our space anymore.

This is something we will visit every Friday. None of us are immune to this. I make sure I declutter things on the regular! I’m always on the lookout for something I’ve let into my home that I shouldn’t have, or for things that I didn’t realize were a hinderance to me before… Will you join me?

Let me know how you did! Don’t expect it to be easy, but it’s OK! Because everything that is worth getting or having, comes with a level of “hard” or uncomfortableness. See it as a sign that you’re on the right road and that the change that you’re looking for, is finally on it’s way.