First Things First

It is amazing how this one thing changes so much.

Journey to Oneness – Journal Day 9

I wondered why it was important why Kathy mentioned we should
first take a shower when we got up, half an hour earlier.

Then I practiced it.

I have been getting up and taking a shower FIRST thing in the morning.

It has helped me stay clean and focused tremendously.

Normally I would get up, feed my animals, feed myself and then sit and
watch TV or DVD or something.

Most times I would be so late already that I had no time to get ready and
no time to eat.

I looked groggy, unkempt and just not how I want to look.

Then I would jump from meetings to meetings and represent this idea and
that and I would notice myself, throughout the day see how various people
looked so “together”.

Their hair was perfect, their clothes matched, they smelled good.

So, since I’ve been doing my own regimen, I would take a lot of time on
putting myself together.

I would accessorise, choose my clothing and felt good about myself.

Then I started to shift my thoughts on everything else.

I WANTED to find my clothes.
I WANTED to find my jewelry.
I WANTED to look good.
I WANTED to remain clean.
I WANTED to clean.

The Science of a Shower.

Thanks Kathy 🙂
Much Love!!

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